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Homesite of the Cutest Guild in Vormis!!!!!

<> Some general rules:
1. NO Stealing (of any type, in any form)
2. NO Cursing in guildchat or in public (you know the "f" word and such.)
3. NO Rude arrogant or greedy behavior
4. NO Open begging
5. NO griefing will be tolerated!!! (being a Gnomish pest is for RP only)
6. DO Be a friendly little Pest! (see Gnomish etiquette below)
7. Yelling "GnoMercy when entering a zone or logging on is encoraged (don't over do it tho)
8. HAVE FUN!!!
9. Be helpful to other players!
10. Be Gnomish.

It is also very important to remember to be nice to your Webdesigner